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Hadaway Harry is a true story about Harry Clasper, the man the Blaydon Races was written for, and a sporting superstar of the Victorian era.
This is a moving and humorous story about his life in the mid 19th Century, following his journey from working class pitman in Jarrow,  to Rowing Champion of the World.
In the mid 1800s rowing was more popular than football is today. Rowers could win up to £300 per race, which is the equivalent of approximately £36,000 today. When Harry Clasper died, 130,000 people lined the streets of Newcastle to pay their respects at his funeral.
This is a one man show, starring actor Jamie Brown, who won “Performing Artist of the Year” for his role as Hadaway Harry in 2016, and now returns to the part for the third time.
Harry was rightfully crowned "King of the Thames and the Tyne".
Jamie Brown as Harry Clasper