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Here's what people had to say about Hadaway Harry at the end of the performance at The Exchange, North Shields. 2022.
"By the end you feel every ache, pain and the psychological turmoil he's experiencing. It's exhilirating, leaving you as drained and exhausted as he is."
- The Shields Gazette
"Waugh's play deftly lifts Clasper out of obscurity and puts him back on the water."
- The Northern Echo
"Really wonderful. I didn't think I'd cry so much"
- Eileen Larkin, Harry Clasper's great, great grand-daughter
"Incredibly atmospheric and exciting. As an ex-rower I was in the boat with him. Fantastic!"
- Annamarie Phelps CBE, former Chairman of British Rowing, Olympic rower and World Champion
"Jamie Brown, as Clasper, tells the story - with the humour you would expect from an Ed Waugh drama - and enacts it."
- The Chronicle
"Incredible. Really, really incredible"
- Jessica Eddie (from Durham), Olympic GB rowing silver medalist, Rio 2016

"We all love a hero and Harry Clasper was a lion.  Hadaway Harry had me laughing and cheering a Geordie hero"

- Kevin Maguire, associate editor Daily Mirror


"Every stroke I could feel it. I got quite exhausted"

- Richard Phelps, Olympic Rower and boat race winner

"Standing ovations from full houses - we left informed and exhausted!" 

"A fabulous evening. Mesmerised by the story of Hadaway Harry. Sublime"

- Daria Hass, Wandsworth Radio

"What a brilliant play and an outstanding production"

- Tim Ware, Hon Secretary of Royal Naval Reserve Yacht Club

"Standing ovations says it all. Proud"

- Doug Howell MBE

"Really enjoyed the performance this afternoon at Newcastle Theatre Royal. Wonderful story of an amazing man."

- George Nicolson, Runner, 2012 Olympic torch carrier

"At Newcastle Theatre Royal watching Hadaway Harry - absolutely fantastic - great acting and great writing."

- Mouth of the Tyne

"Brilliant, inspiring, touching, heart-warming."

- Alistair Gilmour,

"Fantastic play. Beautiful performance."

- Mark Wingett, Actor

Here's what people had to say about Hadaway Harry during the 2015 and 2017 tours. 
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